What’s More Fun DodgeBow or Ax Throwing?

Axe throwing has been all the rage lately, but there’s a new kid on the block that’s quickly stealing the show: DodgeBOW! DodgeBow is a combination of dodgeball and archery, and it’s way, way more fun than axe throwing for a number of reasons.

  1. It’s more challenging.

Axe throwing is all about accuracy. You need to be able to throw the axe with enough force to stick it into the target, but not so much force that it goes flying off the board. DodgeBow, on the other hand, requires both accuracy, speed and skills. You need to be able to hit a moving target aka your opponent with your arrow, but you also need to be able to dodge the other players’ arrows. This added challenge makes DodgeBow much, much more exciting and engaging! You’re not just standing there twiddling your thumb and waiting your turn to throw at a stationary  object. That gets boring and old really quick. DodgeBow never gets boring because you can never predict where your opponent is going to be and when a random arrow ill be flying your way, so you have to stay sharp and bring your KATNISS INSTINCTS!!!!

  1. It’s more social.

Axe throwing is solo activity in the sense that no teamwork is required. You can go with friends, but you’re all just standing around watching each other throw axes. DodgeBow, on the other hand, is a team event. You need to work together with your teammates to dodge the other team’s arrows and hit your own opponents and form strategies. This added teamwork makes dodgebow much more fun and rewarding.

  1. It’s safer.

Axe throwing can be dangerous. If you don’t throw the axe accurately, it could hit someone or something. Dodgebow is much safer. The arrows are soft-tipped, so they won’t hurt anyone if they hit them. And the opponents are far enough away that even a headshot does NOT hurt and we have a safe area for spectators to watch without being hit.


  1. It’s more affordable.

Axe throwing can be expensive. The cost of renting a lane, buying axes, buying booze and paying for lessons can add up quickly. Dodgebow, on the other hand, is much more affordable. The cost of renting our entire facility is way lower than the cost of axe throwing. And there’s no need to pay for lessons, since dodgebow is a relatively easy game to learn. We don’t have “add-on” fees, or try to up-sell you. It’s one flat fee for your group to have a blast!

  1. It’s more fun.

All of these factors combine to make dodgebow a much more fun activity than axe throwing. It’s more challenging, more social, safer, and more affordable. If you’re looking for a new and exciting activity to try, dodgebow is the perfect choice. It’s not even close, once you try DodgeBow you’ll be addicted and can’t way to play again!

Here are some additional reasons why dodgebow is more fun than axe throwing:

  • Dodgebow is more active. You have to run around the arena to dodge the arrows, which gets your heart rate up and burns calories. Axe throwing, on the other hand, is a more sedentary activity. You stand in one place and throw the axe, which doesn’t burn as many calories. And axe throwing gets boring after 5 or 6 throws.
  • Dodgebow is more inclusive. Axe throwing can be dangerous for people with certain physical limitations, such as limited mobility or vision problems. Dodgebow, on the other hand, is much more accessible to people of all abilities. We have had kids as young as 5 years old play dodgebow and as old as 72.
  • Dodgebow is more portable. Axe throwing requires a designated area with a target board. Dodgebow, on the other hand, can be played anywhere there is enough space. This makes it a great option for parties, corporate events, and other gatherings.

If you’re looking for a fun and challenging activity that’s perfect for people of all ages and abilities, dodgebow is the perfect choice. Give it a try today! Call DodgeBow Annapolis 443-214-3545 or book a private team-building or corporate event today. Come shoot arrows at your colleagues, boss, HR and friends.


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