Welcome to Dodgebow Annapolis.

It’s that time of the year again when you need to find excuses for not attending your company’s annual party. Which of the following excuse will you use this year?
1. I’ll be out of town that day.
2. My father wife’s father in-law needs my help with something (by the way, that’s your dad).
3. My great, great grandma died (p.s. notice they didn’t give a date because she died decades ago).
4. My favorite one that’s normally reserved for last minute is “I had a flat tire.”
As you can see, people will say anything to get out of an office party. Office parties are not known for being exactly fun. At DodgeBow Annapolis we think that’s unfortunate because a great office party can help improve employee satisfaction, retention, and morale.

So that’s where we come in, at DodgeBow Annapolis we’re here to make everyone get excited about parties again. Whether you’re wanting to celebrating a birthday party, an office holiday party, an appreciation party or corporate/team building event we have a perfect place for you.

DodgeBow Annapolis Games & Events. If you have not heard, there is a new and exhilarating thing happening in the area, DodgeBow Annapolis. Come play DodgeBow at our facility where you get to shoot your boss, HR, colleagues and friends using our foam-tipped arrows. The game-play is similar to DodgeBall but with bows & foam-tipped arrows. We have various games modes to keep you and your team engaged for non-stop fun. This is the most fun your team will have in 1 hour. At our location you can host/book parties, corporate events, team-building events, bachelor parties etc. This is the perfect place to host your next party. Give us a call today to book 443-214-3545 or book online by clicking here.

See the videos below to get an idea of this extremely fun activity.
Video: online by clicking here.