Best places in Severna Park to have a party
The top two places in the Severna park area to have a birthday party are DodgeBow Annapolis Games & Events or Rolly Pollies of Severna Park. Those are the two closest and best places in the area to host a party.

Dodgebow Annapolis Games and Events primarily caters to kids ages 9. Dodgebow Annapolis offers 75 minutes of fun where your kids and their crew can play DodgeBow for 45 minutes and then enjoy food and cake for 30 minutes. What is Dodgebow? It’s like Dodgeball but with bows and arrows, so archery style! DodgeBow is a cross between paintball and dodgeball but using bows and arrows. Your kids will get to run around, hide behind objects and shoot arrows at each other. Don’t worry, it’s safe! The arrows have a 2 inch protected foam on them and they are designed specifically for this unique exhilarating game. There are several various game modes to keep the games fun and interesting. This is literally, the most fun your kids can have in 45 minutes! After playing, your party will have 30 minutes where they can use our tables to have cake and food that you provide. Your booking will be for a total of 75 minutes. Be the fun parent to give your kid this unique and unforgettable experience. Click here to book.

The other place to have a great birthday party in the Severna Park area is Rolly Pollies of Severna Park. They cater primarily to kids ages 3 to 8 years old. So they cater to the younger ages. There you can have a classic party where the kids get to play around the gym, frolic around and have fun without any unique specific activity. Rolly Pollies also offers a Nerf Gun Battle where your kids get to shoot each other using nerf guns that they bring into the facility. Nerf Gun battles are for 15 children max.

Both of these great party places mentioned above allow you to bring your own food to serve to your guests. Both places are excellent choices for kids’ birthday parties. However, DodgeBow of Annapolis caters to kids ages 6 and up. If you are booking a private party then as long as your kids are 6 and up then you can rent the entire facility for your group. If your kids are between the ages of 3 and 6 then Rolly Pollies will be your better option. You can book at Rolly Pollies here.

DodgeBow Annapolis is great for pre-teens parties, teenagers parties, team building parties, end of the year parties, sports’ teams parties. So come see us if you want to shoot soft-tipped arrow sat your friends and family. Book a DodgeBow game here